Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wendy? Yes!--Why not!

Madeline Zima (not) as Wendy
Can it be--yes--no--it is--the fair Wendy!
- Chapter 11, "Wendy's Story" Peter and Wendy

No, actually.
But couldn't it be?
It's Grace, the youngest girl on The Nanny.
It's one of Bart's favorite shows.
And watching an episode,
he said this reminded him of Wendy.
I'm inclined to agree.

In a Barrie related picture of another sort, both Andrea Jones and Anon* have seen my initial illustration for Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.  Andrea says Yes! and Anon remarked I don't know why not! to the question of whether I should continue making the pictures along this line.  Good to know.  Got a thumbs up from Bart, too.

So I guess I'll proceed!

* Barrie enthusiast and my faithful reader and #1 fan

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ZZOzturk said...

Gracie, that whining is so annoying! Where'd you pick it up?!