Thursday, June 16, 2011

Floral Inspiration

The picture on the left is the current "wallpaper" for my phone.

It's a perfect pic to have as I am once again dealing with the fairies in Kensington Gardens.  Ever so reminds me of the way they might make their clothes.  [Although a la Barrie/Rackham and my own imaginings it seems they more so weave/crochet/sew such elements of Nature into garments rather than just use a tulip for a skirt... but who's to say they don't ever?  :) ]  It's just a darn cool photograph.

I found it on this page of photos taken at "just the right moment."  Do check it out, since they're all great!  I came across it in a retweet from Jason Alexander.  Yes, I'm still enjoying Twitter...

I can't say how long it will remain the pic on my phone.
I like to change it up every so often.

Also, as I re-read my interquel Peter Peter: Betwixt-and-Between yet again figuring out which pictures to make and taking advantage of the different look (font, page size format, etc.) to do another proof/revision... I found something that I think I'm going to have to expound upon in a future Pan adventure.  It's just too good of an idea not to let it show up again.  And that's not self-praise since the idea referred to is a direct outgrowth (pun noted) of a bit from Barrie.  No guarantees, but I do think it might happen in another novel.

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