Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ever Nearer to the "First Flight"

I've just finished the revisions to the interquel Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.  There might be a little more ahead, or might not.  Andrea Jones (Hook & Jill) is kindly looking over a portion of it, in a "check" of one of her suggestions.  I wanted to know if the problematic part she had pointed out has been solved.  I'm confident that it is, but we shall see.  As always, Life keeps her plenty busy and this soon-to-be-over weekend she's in Port Washington, Wisconsin at the Pirate Festival.  I bet she's having a trove of fun what with the greetings and costumes and shenanigans.

What's next then?  Well, I need to format the novel and such.  Included in that "such" is the creation of illustrations.  I've thought of a clever (or at least I think so) way to produce drawings for this book.  So I'll be taking some time to try and get those done (assuming it works out.)  I need to decide upon which scenes to depict.  Oh sure, I have some ideas already - and the method in which I'll be creating them can be started upon right away.  I also suppose I should be 'studying' Arthur Rackham's artwork in the mix, too.  Not that I'll be trying to replicate his style, but since this book is in many ways an extension of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens it only seems appropriate to have a kinship.

Thank goodness the cover is already designed and has received a universal thumbs up.

It's a tad smaller word-wise.  Last check had been 63 words over the general 'book-length' of 50,000.  It's now quite a bit under at 49,626.  No worries, though.  For shouldn't it be just the right size to tell the story?  Also consider how many of the "had been"s I'd taken out!  (See this post.)  Besides, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is only about 21,850 words.  To be fair, however, it's really just a selections of chapters (the ones that deal with Pan, of course!) from Barrie's novel The Little White Bird.

And so, getting ever closer to bringing this book to you.  I'll keep posting the progress, to be sure.


ZZOzturk said...

So excited!

Anon said...

Me too! :D :D :D :D :D