Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HOWL if You Want More!

More werewolves!

Oddly, it comes at a strange price, of sorts.  But hey, I'm willing to ignore the "status" of it and cheer it on...

What am I talking about?
The now ever-prevalent "reboot."

This time it's for Universal Studio's The Wolf Man.  You'll probably remember the recent remake, The Wolfman.  Naturally, being a werewolf fan, I went to see it.  My review is here.  However, not everyone had a warm reception to it.  So the prospect of a sequel is apparently out.  Thus, the reboot plan.  Word is that it will this time be called Werewolf.  Who knows how much of the original story they'll keep.  Frankly, I'm okay with either lots or none.

You see, I just want more werewolves.
I'm also looking forward to the remake (closer to the book, allegedly) of The Howling.

Vampires have had their day in the sun... I mean.. oh never mind.

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ZZOzturk said...

Yeah, there have been a lot of vampire films out recently but I have yet to see one done well.