Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Date to Treasure

I got a little surprise today when I went to Google.  I hadn't been aware that the great Robert Louis Stevenson had been born on this date.  And the reason Google decided to change its logo to harbor one of his most beloved tales?  It had been 160 years ago.

So hail to he who created one of the best books ever written!

And I can't not mention his wonderful characters who are the crew of the story, most notably Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver.

Obligatorily I must point out that Treasure Island is connected on purpose to Peter Pan, or rather the other way around.  Sir J.M. Barrie and Stevenson were friends and Captain Hook scared the daylights out of Silver (aka Barbecue) even though Silver had been described as the most feared pirate.

This year also marked another milestone date of birth - Barrie's of course.  150 years.
Hmmm.  I didn't realize they were 10 years apart. 

If you've never read Treasure Island, let this historical day prompt you to do so and you can find out wht it's deemed a classic.  More than well deserved.

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