Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surprised to See Him

A couple of posts ago I described how I had one character left to draw. But his actual visage eluded me, as I'd been somehow tainted by another character of mine that shared only very remote traits. So, in an attempt to bring him to paper, I just started to draw.

I began with a stroke that I don't normally make... couldn't shake the feeling that he's a blonde and then looked up hairstyles from the era that I know he lived, found inspiration and kept on going.

To my delight and surprise, I suddenly had a clear image of this mysterious guy. He's not at all what I thought and yet I knew I had it right.  No "objections" from him at all, just a smug greeting.

I then gleaned more about him, as sometimes happens. Still don't know his motivation, although I could definitely "see" the potential for his actions in his bragging nature showing through.

It's moments like these that make me happy - the odd discovery that fiction is quite real on some level. And no matter how many times I experience it, the feeling is always just as astounding.  Which I've said before, but it really bears repeating.  Each time.

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