Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ANOTHER Pan? Maybe Not.

We literally have Another Pan out there.
Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

I've known about this book for quite some time but for one reason or another I haven't yet reported on it.

Written by Daniel and Dina Nayeri, it's a follow-up to Another Faust, but this one obviously deals with our famous eternal boy.  Here, however, he's a young man at a college who leads Wendy on a trip through magic and mystery underneath the school.  Or so I've been able to gather.

As I've stated before, this type of novel doesn't grind my gears because it's not meant to be set within, extend nor be Barrie's original tale.  It's a re-imagining, to borrow a word from a previous post.

I've seen mixed reviews about it.  I've been toying with reading it myself, but a recent review that I read says that it in fact has very little to do with the original Peter Pan storyline - in the sense of following Barrie's tale.  That's disappointing, to me, at least.

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