Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Down One to Go

Well, I'm glad I listened to the character.
A little while ago I reported that I tried drawing one of the three I'm going to draw for the new novel.  I had not been happy with the result.  It didn't look like him in my mind's eye and he also 'told' me that I'd gotten it all wrong.  So, I had another go.  This time his personality is all there... and I'm convinced that I managed to capture him in lines.  There's been no objection from him either.

I've had some other bits of the tale come to me... looks like I will be writing this story after all.  I just hope that this guy shows up in words as well as he did in virtual ink.

The truth is I have three lines of the book... the opening three, which are dialogue.  But I know I'll not feel right about continuing if I don't get a picture of the third main character.  I've known about him the longest, actually, which doesn't explain why I didn't put him to paper first.  It could be because he's a little more mysterious and whenever I think of him, I bring to mind an image of a character from another book of mine.  But the two of them share very little in common so I'm a little confused as to why I think of the other character.  Well, I'll just have to try my hand at creating him in pictorial form as I do have a handle on him in the story.  I just need him to tell me his reason for acting the way he does... perhaps that's the bit I need to "see" him.

I probably sound crazy, but then, doesn't one have to be a little nuts to weave fiction?

Yes, yes - but you would have to be half-mad to dream me up.
- The Mad Hatter, Burton's Alice

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