Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking for Gold in those Yellow Bricks

We all knew it would happen.
We just hoped it wouldn't happen.
But I'm afraid it is.
<--- That.  Remake.

They're even using the 1939 script.

If you ask me, doing a remake would make more sense if they stuck closer to the book.  Then again, the famed movie arguably has a lot of stuff much better than Baum's quick tale.  Sure, today's movieworks with OZ would be fun, but this seems to me to be a case of "just because you can... doesn't mean you should."

Dear Robert Zemeckis, WHY?

Can't we just leave it as is and rejoice in only having OZ re-tooled in the upcoming film
OZ: The Great and Powerful?


Anon said...

Your comment "just because you can...doesn't mean you should" reminded me of Jurassic Park. Specifically it reminds me of Hammond's next line after Malcolm said that: "If I was to create a flock of CONDORS on this island, you wouldn't have anything to say about it."

I couldn't have said it better. The Wizard of Oz is NOT extinct. It's not even endangered. It doesn't need to be cloned, any more than Psycho did (and the clone of that was inferior too, even though it was a shot-for-shot, line-for-line copy).

Anonymous said...

oz the great and powerful is one of like TEN versions of oz coming out in these next two years