Sunday, May 9, 2010

150 Years of Mothering (and then some!)

It's QUITE the day.

Not only is it
Mother's Day
but it's also the
150 Anniversaryof the birth of Sir J.M. Barrie.
Given his history with his own mother as well as the way mothers are so integral not only to his most well known story of Peter Pan, but in all his work as well, it's quite a staggering coincidence. How perfectly lovely that the calendar should conspire for this synchronization!

So here's an extra special hurrah for both Barrie and mothers everywhere.

She went from bed to bed singing enchantments over them, and little Michael flung his arms round her. “Mother,” he cried, “I’m glad of you.”
Chapter 2: The Shadow - Peter and Wendy

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Anon said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy J. M. Barrie's 150th birthday!

Yes indeed, talk about your appropriate coincidences! ^_^