Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Using PRIME Fairy Tales for OPTIMUS

Here's something very cute that I also found on the internet.  It's an advertisement for the LG Optimus.  It's a "mash-up" of several fairy tales, including the very modern one of Star Wars.  Yes, my favorite boy hero is in it, too.  Granted, it's not entirely faithful (like the hook placement for one thing) but then can we really expect a smattering of fun to be accurate?   And I have to say that I really like the extra "joke" in there regarding what would otherwise be "offensive" to me in the combo of Star Wars into Pan.  It brings to mind a one word line of Jack Sparrow's:  Pirate.  I also really like that Peter's outfit is comprised of leaves (even though it doesn't appear to be in the 'still' depicted on the video [it comes further into it.])

Just on the level of claymation alone, this little gem is to be appreciated.  Enjoy.
(And no, I have no affiliation with LG Optimus.)

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