Friday, November 12, 2010

Pan Through a Special Window

This year for the Christmas windows at London's famous store Harrod's passers-by are treated to sights from one of the most famous stories to come out of that city- none other than Peter Pan.

They're using the 2003 P.J. Hogan film as the basis.  Since the costumes and such for that were quite amazing and arguably spot-on, it's a bit of relief to not have to have some other wacky or 'flawed' version.  Then again, if it had been done with as much care and flair as Janet Patterson's designs in the film,  it would have been great to see another take on it.

Note Mrs. Darling in this one! [Click to enlarge]
All in all, it's very cool - although it does seem a shame that Pan is so "static."  Captain Hook has a pose of sorts so why not Peter?  Oh well... it does bring to mind the wonderful scene in the movie surrounding the lines:

So, Pan, this is all your doing.

Ay, James Hook, it is all my doing.

A rather cool feature of the windows is hanging screens on which clips of the movie are projected.

More info and also a video about the "making of" which does show the screens in action to watch (as well can be found at this site.  (Click on a tab for the video.)

If only I could make the trip to London!

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