Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heigh-ho! It's Pan!

Muppet Peter Pan
I've heard about this brewing for some time now.
The part of the equation I missed, however:
Comic books.

Just not quite as engaging, if you ask me. I mean, hey, if you're going to have Kermit as Pan, don't you think we should get to see him fly? Other than a still drawing, I mean.

I must say Miss Piggy is the perfect choice for Tinker Bell. Great match of blind love and super jealousy. Then again, she would have made a plausible Wendy. Very in love with Peter but unable to have him. Sound familar, Piggy?

Here's a blurb on the tweak and who did it, which I've cut and pasted from The Muppet Newsflash.

"The 4-part arc is planned to hit comic book stores and newsstands around August. The timid Kermie Pan resides in the magical realm of Neverswamp, where the pushy fairy Piggytink tries to toughen him up! One night, while searching for his shadow, Kermie Pan and Piggytink encounter the Darling children, who run away to Neverswamp and encourage Kermie Pan to battle Captain Gonzo! Written by Grace Randolph with artwork by Amy Mebberson, the issues in the 4-part comic will also feature special covers by David Petersen."

Not sure which of these covers is the final. I bet you can guess that I prefer the outfit with the leaves rather than the Disney-esque.

Cute, huh?

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Ginger Ingenue said...

It is cute. I've always loved Kermit, and the Muppets...

Too bad it's not a movie, though. That would be even cuter. :)


The 'leafy' cover does look the best.