Friday, May 29, 2009

Is it XMAS yet?

Can it be Xmas NOW? Please?
Okay, okay, I don't really want it to be the Holiday Season yet.
We finally just got rid of Winter here in Chicago.

But WOW, if I'm not excited to see the new version of A Christmas Carol coming out this year!
Robert Zemeckis has some great insights into the tale.
A couple that made me nod in assent and wonder why I didn't see it that way, too.

I'm not exactly a fan of Jim Carrey. Okay, wait, yes I am. I just don't like when's "JiM CaRreY!!" But he's proven he has another side and quite a wonderful range. (The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Man in the Moon) And damn. If he doesn't have Scrooge down!

Take a look at this featurette. I'm thinking this will truly be THE Definitive version of the classic Dickens story.

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Carol...


Danielle Mari said...

I felt exTREMEly skeptical when I read this post. If any story had been overdone, I thought, it might be this one. Every theatre company does it, too many versions exist... but the highlights vid and interview do look promising.

[undwar] <<< hahaha!!!

C.J. Redwine said...

It does look interesting. I had the same doubts as Danielle but Jim Carey, when he's a character actor instead of an over-actor, can really sell a part. I'll reserve judgement until I see it. :)