Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just another Midnight minute...

I meant to post last night.
But then I started to feel bad that Andy's really the main character of the new book and I didn't have a photograph of him. So, I set to work in my mind's eye and the world of internet and pixels. I managed to devise him nicely. I'd be showing him to you now, but, alas, I brought the wrong file along with me. (I had several saved versions in various stages of development.) But he'll be more interesting in a scene with Zihn. I'll put up his picture at midnigh (in my zone.)

In other news, I have completed-finished the book. Meaning I've had my read/revise through. I'm quite pleased with it. It turned out well. It's by far the most fast paced book I've written. I couldn't believe how it glides along, pulling you into the next chapter. Even for me, when I wrote it and have read it a various points. Other times I found it difficult to read my work so soon after finishing. (Not that I'm unhappy with it. It's just very different when you've crafted it yourself and know all that's to come.) But not the case here. It flew by... which is vexing considering how long it took me to write it. But, such is the craft. :) I've also mentioned it as my shortest novel besides Peter Pan's NeverWorld. This book is about 76,000 words.

I'll tell you what. I hope to have a Query Letter type synopsis/enticement for the oft asked question: "What's it about?" If I do have that done, I'll post it along with the Zihn & Andy picture.

Until then...

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