Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peter's a Punk? Apparently...

Much to my surprise, I came across a manifestation of Peter Pan which I had not hitherto been aware. That’s not meant to sound pompous. It’s just that, for the most part, it’s difficult to bring a version to my attention that I had not previously come upon in my studies - from the Disney mini-comic of the Darling’s trip to a summer home (where Pan just happens to visit) to the Japanese language primer which uses the Pan story, I’ve seen it. I also own most of the variations available. Fact is I probably should have come across it before, as it came out in 1991. My bad?

This particular rendition is hailed as a parody. It’s another comic entitled Peter Pank.
A punk version of Peter. And as ironic as this sounds, an adult version. Not Pan himself per se (although he does seem more on the adolescent side) but in terms of content. The mermaids don’t have fish tails, for instance, nor are they wearing any clothes at all. (Gasp!)

I cannot speak specifically on the comic, as I have nothing to go on except for the pictures I’ll post the link to… and also…it’s in Spanish. I’ve taken Spanish in school, but school had been too many years ago and I don’t quite fair so well in the learning another language department. Thus, I cannot read but a few passages. However, I did notice the hook is on the right wrong hand. It does seem like it could be fun, though.

There’s a little bit more about this series created by Max (Francesc Capdevila) at Wikipedia. It details some of the reworked story… aren’t you curious what Max has done with the “Indians?” [I did find this line in Wikipedia odd: While in Peter Pan, Peter is simply a boy who refused to grow up to a man, in Peter Pank he's a vicious, rebellious, belligerent punk Obviously someone never read the original story… :) ]

Here’s the page (WARNING! Adult images!) I found which shows some more of the comic. Each page is click-able for a larger view.



Moira Lewelyn said...

Freakishly weird...

It reminds of another (slightly less graphic though) version of Peter Pan, rather grown-up and a wee bit depressing, by a French guy called Loisel.
But I guess you already know about it?

Peter said...

Oh yes, I know of the Loisel version, though I have not actually read it. I've not been able to obtain English translation copies without astronomical price tages let alone finding a full set. But they seem quite a great variation.
I enjoyed the trailer for the movie made of it. I'd love to see the movie, of course.

And believe it or not, I know even more twisted Pans than Peter Pank.

Peter said...