Monday, May 18, 2009

I'll Stop Ranting If They'll Stop Remaking...

I’ve returned.
On the trip back with Cassidy from visiting with Lemonie and Jiboo, I brought up that a bunch more remakes are coming. I asked Cassidy: Did this happen before? Meaning were we (our generation) flooded with remakes? We decided that there had been an occasional redo, but no… we had a plethora of new (or adapted from sources other than previous film) stories. So what’s wrong with Hollywood? Why this sudden barrage of these (mostly) unnecessary remakes?
What are the latest ones that prompted me to rant AGAIN about this problem? Only one of the next batch springs to mind. I Saw What You Did! The reason this one comes to mind is Bart had TiVo record it out of curiosity. (He has a Wish List for Joan Crawford [who is in the movie for the briefest amount of time]). Though it may have been utterly unnerving in the mid-60’s, we couldn’t help but laugh at it. And now… it’s being redone. I wonder if they’re going to get another well-known actress for the BIT part. Note the "top billing" for almost no scenes at all. I remember my father complaining how they over-hyped Farah Fawcett in Logan's Run [also slated for remake] when she appeared all of five minutes.
By the way, the line in the movie is: I saw what you did and I know who you are! It's spoken by one of two girls making crank calls… and YES, one of the calls they place just happens to be someone who committed murder moments before. (GASP!) It might be a little easier to find said girls in this day and age…

Ah, the redundancy of Hollywood… Please stop the inanity.

I am going to attempt to finish MC* by Friday night. Don’t hold me to it… as I re-discovered last week, Life has a way of throwing curves…

* Initials only of the book I am currently writing.

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