Friday, May 8, 2009

Shhh...Heroic Writers at Work!

I've made it no secret that I'm fan of Heroes. Sure, it had its wobbles in the middle, we all know so... but it found its niche again just in time. At least for me and some friends. We're still enjoying it. Well, Heroes: Fugitives is now completed. Moira Lewelyn asked me in a recent comment how I liked the finale. I did like it. Not stellar, but not without shine either. The expected twist at the end managed to acutally be a twist - unforeseen. (At least for me.) It's quite a disturbing use of Matt Parkman's power. I applauded that... even though it seems a little gimmicky. But it's a gimmick I felt willing to accept. It's important to remember the show's arguable source material - comic books. It's even self-referential to them since the beginning with Isaac Mendez's paintings being described as a comic book. So with that notion comes a great deal of fantasticary. [Though as we learned from the sagging middle too much can spoil the brew!] What surprised me most is that I'm satiated. I imagined I'd be "jonesing" for another episode, to be tortured by needing to see what happens next. But no. I'm content. It felt completed. A chapter ended most definitely.

Yet just because it's off the air doesn't mean it's not running. The other side of the screen is abuzz... as the writers are hard at work. Info released yesterday said casting is underway for a new female character, reportedly a love interest. Speculation as to for who ensues... and I have my own theory given the info presented. I must share a snippet from the article I read on IGN. For those of you who watch Heroes, you'll understand. Ask anyone I talk to about the show... the latter is my one true concern. :)

All I'm asking is that Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) not be the one with the new girlfriend. Not until he can figure out a way not to get his girlfriends accidentally shot or trapped forever in an alternate plague-ridden future. - Matt Fowler

I found the above so true as to be hilarious. Hope you enjoyed it, too. (Poor Caitlin!)
So, along with everyone else, I will sit and wait until the Fall for Heroes: Redemption.
Tim Kring, Bryan Fuller and the rest of the team: Thanks for the fun.

Looking forward to more. Bravo.

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