Monday, June 1, 2009

Let Us Dote on What He Wrote!

This looks like a book I need. Something which I ought to read. Yes, by golly, yes indeed!

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by The Cat in the Hat.
To know more about him is quite tempting.

In fact, I even tried something along this line once myself.
Well, not really. Not a straight-up scholarly annotation such as this book by Philip Nel.
Rather I had planned on a writing The Definitive Cat in the Hat to answer all the inherent questions which arise about the character. It would have incorporated all Seuss "sanctioned" manifestations of the Cat (books/sketches and cartoons) to support its claims. Such as his family history, his education (Cat Tech, you know!) and an outlining of his philosophies.

I’ve long since abandoned the project. Not only did it seem insurmountable to obtain the right to do it, but I also knew how much work it would be. And if it couldn’t go beyond my desk and the few people who I’d torture with it, why bother? [And yes, it included a disclaimer of it being a creative pursuit rather than absolute information.]

I did begin the project though, with a list of chapters/topics to be covered. And a foreword/explanation. I’ll find these “notes” and type them in a little while later.
Perhaps to leave you something to ponder when I journey to London.

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