Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Historical Day

Once again it is the anniversary of the day that Sir James Matthew Barrie entered into our reality. He left his mark, and we salute him. (I know I do!) Last year I displayed a special decorative, (commemorative?) envelope featuring Barrie. See it and read how I obtained it here.

Just imagine if I paraded around like Schroeder in Peanuts.

As if inspired by Barrie's celebratory day, I came up with a location that shall be found on NeverWorld in subsequent adventures. I've hinted and teased quite a bit about projects... so I'll let you in on this new idea: Londoom. Like the charming city we all know but as a darker, nightmarish, dangerous version. Peter will recognize it...until he flies in closer. I almost want to write some of it now. But it shall have to wait.
Much gratitude, Mr. Barrie, for your marvelous puer aeternus mythology.
Bravo, Sir!

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