Monday, April 28, 2008

Peter Pan, the AvengerS?

Well, I made some phone calls to my local comic book shops and found one which still had the MARVEL Comics Avengers Fairy Tales Peter Pan issue that I posted about last time. On the internet I would have paid nearly $12 all told with shipping, but I picked it up with a mere short train ride for cover price. Not to mention avoiding the waiting for it to arrive and the hassles that go with the mail system.

It's very clever, just as I hoped. The "casting" is damn near perfect. For instance, the MARVEL character Klaw lost his hand during the course of his storyline. Take a wild guess who he plays. And who better for Tinker Bell than MARVEL's Wasp? I'm far from being a comic book aficionado, but I thought they did a nice job with the vivid colors and drawing style. Very reminiscent of a storybook of old. Also, I do like the way in which they played around with Barrie's story while still sticking to it rather well. They even put the hook/klaw on the correct hand. My only nitpick would be saying "pixie dust" instead of fairy dust. But then, the whole comic is a stretch of the imagination. And an entertaining one at that.

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