Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Entering "Another" World...

This post isn’t related to writing or storytelling, nor is a "tidbit" about me. Please forgive. :)

I just wanted to say that I have finally entered the world of online gaming. I know, it seems like I would have jumped in a long time ago. However, I play video games much less frequently than I used to and when I do they are not on a computer but a gaming console. And I am a Nintendo guy [one word: Zelda] so I haven’t had much exposure to online games. But last night I gave it a whirl with Mario Kart Wii. A very strange yet satisfying experience. Not that I expected differently, but as Nintendo does not have a “headset” for chatting yet, it played the same as if I merely played against the game’s AI. It occurred to me that there might not actually be anyone there. I don’t believe that of course. Until I am connected to a friend such as Doc Holiday it will just have to be very similar to regular play with the bizarre twist of shooting red shells at someone I don’t even know.
Just in case you play Mario Kart Wii and are curious if you’re playing against me:

Mii Name: p-t-pi


Kathy said...

It's funny that you like Zelda when Link is dressed up a bit like Peter Pan, lol. Which came first for you, Link or Peter Pan?

Peter Von Brown said...

Well, given that I'm nearly 37...I have been playing Zelda since the original. But I also played at being Peter Pan as a little tyke, too. So...Pan, of course. And yes, there is a definite similarity between Link and Pan. But then, it's mostly only due to Disney's version's outfit. He doesn't actually dress that way in the book. ;)