Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back in St. Olaf...

I’ve always been a fan of a good pun, assuming these exist. I will always remember a particular segment of The Golden Girls. In the episode "Dorothy's New Friend" she attends 'The Writer's Symposium' where the menu is a hardcover book. I've never seen a menu with a Table of Contents before, said Dorothy. The menu is divided into Chapters. Chapter Five is the Lunch Menu. The offerings given in the episode are, in order: The Crêpes of Wrath, Old Man and the Seafood Salad, For Whom the Stuffed Bell Pepper Tolls, Catcher in the Rye Bread, George Bernard Slaw, Edgar Allan Potatoes, The Ice Water Commeth.

Given my penchant for such wordplay, I created a list of my own. I'm sure other people contributed to this list and thank you, whoever you are. Fortunately I saved the piece of paper for years, scanned it in many years later and just found the CD it's burned onto so that I could share it. Lucky you.

Feel free to add more!

Peter Pan Pizza
J. M. Berries
Treasure Island Dressing
Red Wine of Courage
Yeast of Eden
Mark Twinkie
Isaac Fig Newton
The Cadbury Tales
Flounders for Algernon
Flounders in the Attic
A Brie Grows in Brooklyn
A Tale of Two Entrées
The Scarlet Pumpernickel
Olive Twist
Isaac Asimuffin
Ray Cranberry
Cask of Amontillado
Tequila Mockingbird
Peas and Prejudice
The Scarlet Lettuce Soup
Raisin in the Sun
A Clockwork Orange Duck
Don Quicheote
Henry David Flambé
Ralph Waffle Emerson
Lewis Carrots
The Glass Meringue Pie
War and Piece of Pie
Rhubarb Kipling
Upton SinEclair
Nestlé Tolstoy Cookies
Ezra Poundcake
Robert Frosting
The Ice Cream Cometh
Carl Sandburger
Grated Expectations
Prince and the Potpie
Gulliver's Truffles
The Wonderful Gizzard of Oz
Robinson Croutons
The Legend of Creamy Hollow
Arthur C. Clarke Monolith Bar
Astrid Linguine
J. D. Salisbury Steak
Catch of the Day-22

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Sunshine said...

Green Eggs and Hamlet?
Omelet: Prince of Denmark?
Romeo and Orange Julius?

I fear that I can't hold a candle to you, friend.

Peter Von Brown said...

okay, you certainly can. I truly laughed out loud, so much so that I forgo the popular abbreviation. 'Green Eggs and Hamlet' takes it to a whole new level. That's a combination platter! Perhaps the Chapter for the Kids' Menu? The others are wonderful, too. Thanks!

Sunshine said...

Ok-- per your request...

Chocolate Milkshake-speare
A Winter's Ale
Julius Caesar Salad
Antony and Cleo-platter (a stretch)

Why are mine all Bard-related?

Good Person of Szetchuan Chicken
Sweet Tart-uffes
All in the Thyming
The Thyme Machine
Citizen Pure Cane Sugar
20,000 Leagues Under the Seafood Special
Anne Rice Cakes

Eegad. You've infected me. I can't stop!!ldtfpovs