Thursday, April 3, 2008

Even More Serendipity

Bart wanted me to share some another serendipitous event that surprised him yesterday. Just like that, very expensive tickets for quite the popular show fell into his lap. Fortunately for him, someone had to pass on seeing Jersey Boys. Although we admittedly did not originally understand the appeal of the show (it appeared to be yet another “jukebox musical” and something akin to Beatlemania about The Four Seasons) he knew he’d be foolish to not accept a free $125 ticket to see what would be a good night of theatre if not great. He liked it. A terrific spectacle, well put together and a lot of fun. Bart's gratitude to the nice people who gave him the ticket extends into his desire that they, too, be rewarded serendipitously in return.
Me? I plugged away at a computer for most of the night and then watched Ellen.
Let’s hope Great Spirit continues the good fortune! (Well, of course.)

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