Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Passage to Excellence

Last night I attended the opening of Vitalist Theatre’s A Passage to India. Once again they have shown true artistic prowess. As Laughter (the Scenic Designer and my best friend, see my previous post Serendipity Anyone?) put it after the show, the staging is poetic. Poetry is a theme and Forster's novel is lyrical in and of itself. Thus, when adapting the words to the stage, it had to become a visual poem. And it did. The clever way in which the caves and rocky terrain surrounding them is done illustrates this concept alone. Bravo! And you have to believe me, I’d be attending Vitalist productions even if I were not friends with its founders and team. It’s just downright impressive theatre. If you live in the Chicago area, do go see it. You can find info at the link in my “Also Visit” list.

After the show Laughter came to our place for some much needed socializing. You might recall that I barely get to see him anymore. And as the saying goes…just like old times. Prior to last night, Laughter had yet to experience the Nintendo Wii. Once he got the swing (literally) of it, he too realized the genius way that the big N once again revolutionized video gaming. He wants one, of course. But he also knows his schedule would not permit the time he should be putting into it. I hope he does, however, so we can play Mario Kart online along with Sunshine and her husband, Doc Holiday.

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