Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The "Forbidden" Word

There is a very common word that I do not use in my writing. I banished it after finding four instances in a single paragraph. I won’t even allow characters to say it. I deem it weak, lifeless and lazy. Blasé sentences can be made dynamic by the disuse of this word. It took some doing to eliminate it from my writing vocabulary. I often sat pondering how to rework sentences and still convey the same meaning sans the word. At first it proved rather cumbersome. But now sentences flow easily and I am quite glad to be free of it.

However, it does exist in Peter Pan’s NeverWorld. But only for two special cases. First, I am quoting passages from another author (not Barrie, as one might imagine) and cannot very well make a revision to his work. Second, one of the Lost Boys uses it in a play on words with an old adage.

Which word do I shun? Don’t worry about it. You’ll never know it’s missing.


Josh said...

What word is it!! I'm eager to know!! None the less, check out wordsmith on, it's very helpful!

Peter Von Brown said...

thanks josh...
I'll check that out.
As for what the word is, I suppose you'll just have to buy a copy of Peter Pan's NeverWorld when it's available and reference it. ;)