Monday, April 14, 2008

Culture Weekend!

Quite a packed few days! On Friday night Bart and I attended the American Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty at Lyric Opera. The story is one of Bart’s favorites so his joy made up a large part of the treat for me. Truthfully I had never attended a full length ballet before. Quite stunning. Though I appreciated it greatly, it’s not quite my thing. But I sat amazed at their craft, by which I mean the exquisite set, dancing and costumes. And Tchaikovsky’s score is a delight just by itself. We topped it off with a late dinner in Greektown.

On Saturday Lemonie came to Chicago. She, Bart and I, as well as our friends Cassidy (from the suburbs), Mina and Sunshine had a scrumptious Pan-Asian dinner and then had our funny bones tickled and senses reeled by The Drowsy Chaperone. We went to one of the last two performances of the touring company of the show which lovingly pokes fun at musicals and won 5 Tony Awards doing so. Quite entertaining and even more so given its originality.

Lemonie and Cassidy came back to our place for a little socializing and the next morning I brunched with Lemonie (who stayed the night, of course) and Sunshine. Dragonfly meant to join us, but a flu took him, as well as poor Bart.

On Sunday I saw Vitalist Theatre’s A Passage to India again. Besides being a show that warrants another viewing, I came especially for the poetry readings after the show. Vitalist merges many artistic mediums and will often host such events. I had the honor of hearing the vocal performances of Indian and Napali poet Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma, internationally renowned American poet and translator David Ray and Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas’ daughter. A wide range of emotions, from light-hearted fun to deep insights about culture.

My weekends aren’t normally so crammed with culture, but it’s nice when they are.
Thank you to everyone involved!

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