Monday, July 5, 2010

Pixar Doesn't Toy Around...

A couple of posts ago, I said that Buttercup and I went to the movies. I promised to say which one. Toy Story 3, of course...

I adored it. I'd been quite glad to see it in a theater as the other two I saw at home. I had been skeptical of another one when Toy Story 2 arrived. But I heard nothing but good reports on it. And you know what... Toy Story 2 turned out better than the first. Well, nearly the same thing happened with the third. Except by this time I didn't doubt Pixar's ability to come up with a worthy sequel.

For my general views on sequels, it's in this post. The thing about Pixar is that they really care about story. They have stated outright that no sequel will come for one of their tales unless there is a narrative that must be told. They have proved themselves once again with Toy Story 3. All I heard had been praise... no, really, only praise. And I have nothing but praise to give as well.

This new film completes the story of Andy (in relation to his toys.) It's genuinely heartwarming, a little terrifying - yes, I found myself a little misty - and damn hilarious. I'd laughed all the way through (except for the scary parts, of course) and cheered a few times. And you know what? It felt satisfying. The story really did feel like a closed book. Good thing, too, as Pixar says it's the last of the Toy Story movies.

After seeing their masterpiece, I'm extra glad to have three Pizza Planet 3-eyed aliens adorning my house.

Bravo, Pixar!

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