Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Captain, Our Captain...

Yesterday I mentioned that I found something interesting regarding Peter's first nemesis, Captain Hook, in relation to him appearing in Peter and Wendy.

No, it's not some arcane extra tidbit that will unlock the riddle of his past. Rather it's just an unexpected truth. It seems that "Captain Hook" only appears once in the novel! By which I mean those two words together. And it's not even called out during a battle scene or some similar grand part. It comes at the end, when Wendy is trying to get Peter Pan to remember their (The Darlings') great adventure. Otherwise he's just refered to as Hook, or James Hook (or, of course, Jas. Hook) Hmmm.

To think... one of my favorite bits of P.J. Hogan's movie version is when Peter Pan flies in a swooping arc toward the Jolly Roger cooing out "Oh Capatain HooOO00oooOOK!" right as he's about to taunt him by zipping about and causing general mayhem. No, the scene isn't specifically in Barrie's novel, but none can say such a moment doesn't belong or didn't happen at some point in the rivalry between the famous foes. Sure, I knew the scene had been added, but I didn't necessarily realize that Pan calling out "Captain" along with Hook is 'less correct' as per the novel. For the record, I also really enjoyed such scenes as played out in Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates.

I hope I'm not the only one who finds this a little fascinating. We're all so quick to say "Captain Hook" when in reality it's more likely that he's just referred to as Hook.

(My picture is of Hook as played by Jason Isaacs since he's by far the best [on screen.])


Anon said...

Who is Captain Hook?

Peter Von Brown said...

“Don’t you remember, how you killed him and saved all our lives?”

Anon said...

"I forget them after I kill them."