Friday, July 16, 2010

Finished From Done

Well, Anon has given a thumbs up to the rewrite of the fairies' "explanation" of the Neverland. Hosah! There are some tweaks suggested, but none of them were in order to Barrie-ize it. Thanks very much, Anon!

Onward to the revisions of the story part...

Then it will be off to Andrea Hook & Jill Jones to see if she likes it as much as Anon.

From there... well, it all depends on how much or little Andrea suggests. :)
I've also been asked by another fan of Peter Pan's NeverWorld to have a gander at this new (or old, depending on how one looks at it!) Pan adventure. It would be wise to take him up on his offer, so chances are I will when I'm once again satisfied with the book. Plus, Bart will be reading it in there somewhen as well.

(The title of this post is also the title of Chapter 16 of Peter Pan's NeverWorld.)

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Anon said...

You're welcome! ^_^