Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Perhaps you remember me hinting about Peter Pan's NeverWorld showing up in an unlikely spot for sale?

Well, I now reveal that spot as Bananas Foster Café. It's a fabulous restaurant in my neighborhood. Bart and I have been going since it first opened, and it never fails to bring us back. Whether it's the delectable, innovative and delicious dishes or the fun, friendly and cool staff who make it a treat to be there, I'm not sure. Does it matter? Nope, just that it's all true.

OH. Right... you simply must try the Bananas Foster. I mean, come on, the place is named that. You know they're going to make that damn well... and they certainly do! Get ready for bliss.

I even went with Andrea Jones (Hook & Jill) when she visited. If I remember correctly, I made sure she tasted the Hot Cakes. (You need to taste them, too.)

A special thanks to the owner, John, for the opportunity. It's especially nice considering it's not a bookstore, nor even a coffee house in the traditional sense. So to have a book on sale is a little out of the ordinary. Thus, I appreciate it muchly.

John is from the UK, so you'll find quite a bit of English meals and foods on the menu. I especially enjoy the Bubble & Squeak, and their fish and chips is not to be missed. When Bart and I went to London last year, John gave us wonderful advice on things to do and places to see.

Right now (unless one sold since) there are actually only five copies available at Banasas Foster Café. It just might progress that there will be more later - and John also spoke of a book signing! Time wil tell...

So, if you're in the Chicago area, you owe it to your taste buds to visit Bananas Foster Café. It's at the corner of Broadway and Granville. (And see if you can pick up a "ticket" back to the Neverland!)

Like the dust jacket cover of the hardcover of Peter Pan's NeverWorld says, Bart and I love going to brunch. Maybe we'll see you there one day!

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