Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking Notes

Back during the dealings of this post, I had decided I'd better take another gander at Barrie's notes to see what, if anything, could be useful for the situation. I didn't find anything on that subject, but I did look twice at quite a bit of it.

Interestingly, some of the ideas Barrie had about the eternal boy can no longer be a part of his adventures. Either the story now negates the tidbits he jotted down or they're just wayside material that no longer fits.

However, I should be able to work in some of the notes into Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between. And even if not, there are certainly some chunks that I can recycle for further adventures on the NeverWorld, a concept to which the magic planet itself would smile upon.

I also found extra 'justification' for the behavior of Peter Pan in Hook & Jill by Andrea Jones. Not that it didn't already coincide with Barrie's Pan, but it's nice to know his notes indeed bolster her depiction.

If you ask me, it's always good to incorporate Barrie's own musings as much as possible. It shall be quite exciting to whip up a story around them...

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