Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doing it Write!

The rewrites are going well.
So far I’ve only done the one section. I’ve gone over it and over it again, sometimes as many as five tweaking/redoings a day. If it doesn’t sound like much to be just done with the one part, then consider this: It’s pretty much the crux of making the concept of the book work as a whole. I didn’t have to rework the ideas, but rather had to get it to sound more like the ambiguous specificity of the original stories. In other words, it needed to be more Barriesque than it had been. It's a challenge to write 'as'/'like' Barrie in the first place, so to get wild ideas such as these to come out sounding like him is even harder.

Fortunately, I seem to have done a good job. I gave it to Anon to have another gander. The verdict?

Wow. MUCH better! :D After only the first paragraph I was already impressed! It felt like I was reading something new from Barrie! I think he would be proud!

Ah, good. Now I can proceed with the rest of the revisions, knowing that I’m back on track. Next up… the fairies’ description of the Neverland…

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