Monday, June 28, 2010

a GUSHING surprise!

On Saturday night, after getting back from a dinner at Bart's aunt circa 9 o'clock, I texted Buttercup to see if she would be up for a movie that same night. Indeed she would, and it turns out I introduced her to my theater of choice which she had never been to and had wondered about. It's now her theater of choice. Anyway, what movie did we see? I'll save that for another post.

For what really gave me a thrill is a trailer we saw. Now, normally I know all about trailers coming out, but somehow - thankfully - this one slipped by me. I didn't even klnow the trailer had been made. So imagine my delight when The Voyage of the Dawn Treader came on the screen. I felt 8 years old. I immediately fell back into the screen's vision of Narnia. From the start, I found myself on board with the renditions of the book's elements as they came in scenes both familiar and unfamiliar, all packaged in a way that I have come to trust.

I adored the first two Narnia movies. I enjoy the screen vision of it and whole-heartedly agree with their additions and re-writes. They never stray from the world of C.S. Lewis and often bolster or improve the original novels. I'm looking forward to the same here, as evidenced by the trailer. There is one fly in the ointment, in that the series switched production companies and directors. But that sort of thing has turned out to great success in the past with other series. Not to mention the fact that as I understand it, original director Adrew Adamson stayed on as part of the creative team. He just needed a break from directing. So, as this one seems right in the same realm I have come love, I cannot be more excited.

It will be out for the Holiday season. And yes, it's jumped on the bandwagon and is in 3-D. But I remember reading it had been designed for 3-D, which is a wardrobe of another portal from after-the-fact 3-D conversion. Also, I must say it had acutally been a thrill to see it in 3-D. It looked great. Plus, it's the third film. I jokingly say, "Now I have something to live for!"

(Watching the video will explain the post title)

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Mel said...

Even Jiboo and I, who are not Narnia fans, were impressed by the preview. And the 3D-ness of it looks incredible!