Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Save the Series, Praise the Creator...

Today I am wearing my Godsend pendant. For unlike the past couple of weeks, I loved last night’s episode of Heroes. For the first time in a long time, it felt “old school.” The same inviting magic and cleverness that permeated the first season showed itself again, jam packed into a satisfying adventure peppered with humor in just the right places. And plenty of unexpected turns... and what an ending. I've been wondering what happened to him!! Ok, sure. It’s still worrying me with seemingly ignoring the Butterfly Effect. Yet the insistence upon mentioning it a few times in this episode alone (even making a not butterfly…MOTHRA! joke out of it) leads me to think they might just know what they’re doing after all. I hope so, obviously.

And yeah, I do have an issue with part of the plot shenanigans… but I’m hoping it’s moot in the way they’re constructing it. For those of you who know what I’m talking about… Doesn’t Sylar need Charlie’s ability to proceed as he did the first time around? Unknown… fact is he didn’t really seem to rely on her power. Maybe it can all work this way?

Last night’s entry into the past (both in writing and feel as well as literal storyline) also made me think about the fact that the first time around the SpaceTime continuum had been messed with many times by Hiro in order to make Save the Cheerleader, Save the World work. I always saw the Kirby Plaza scene as having happened at least four if not five times, with only that set of people arriving at the same time for the first time. As in, every time Hiro would try to stop Sylar, something new would be added until it finally “worked.” But here’s the thing: It worked only so that it would be a “future” that’s desirable to the good guys. Hmmm….

And to think it has crossed my mind that maybe they should just end the show with dignity. I have my thoughts on that here. But if it continues in this vein, viva Heroes. And as much as I like my ending, surprise me and surprise me well!

On IMdb, only creator Tim Kring is credited with writing the episode.

BRAVO, sir!
UPDATE: I resurrected the episode on my TiVo. Allow me to give credit where credit is due.
BRAVO! to writers Aron Eli Coleite & Aury Wallington.

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