Wednesday, November 4, 2009

They Come in Threes

Sometimes all three of these things happen to the same
story for, as many believe, three is a charm.

- Peter Pan's NeverWorld
Three recent events regarding Barrie's eternal boy:

Moat Brae House in Dumfries, where J.M. Barrie played as a child has been saved from demolition. The fairy dust fell from Joanna Lumley, probably best known as Patsy Stone on Absolutely Fabulous. To have such a strong literary link with the greatest fairy story of all time is thrilling, she said. When in London, Bart and I chatted with the proprietress of an eatery shown in AbFab. She told us that Ms. Lumley has in fact been in a few times. Yea, fan boys! An awfully big thank you, Ms. Lumley, for the more than £2 million to restore this historical inspiration for the Neverland. More Info

Way back in April 2009, I posted about the Peter Pan Cover Competition open to child artists. Well, the winner has been announced. Congratulations to 11-year-old Anna Scott-Maxwell. The new edition sporting Scott-Maxwell's art will be published November 5th. And although at first glance simple, the art is delightfully deceptive. For what better cover than such a childlike touch and feel? It's not just a moon, it's the circle of Pan's existance. The flying bodies, trying to maintain order in a line, look more like shadows. It's wonderful. I'm sure other such messages are to be found, too. Brava! More Info

Break out the pipes, Pan! Yes, Peter Pan as a musical is coming again. Hippodrome Youth Theatre group is celebrating their Holiday season early, having won the rights to the George Stiles and Anthony Drewe show, after which it will fly into general release next year. Suffice to say I've not yet found the musical adaptation I can truly enjoy. More Info

Think happy thoughts.

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