Friday, November 13, 2009

Should We PANic?

Time to report on more Pan-derings.

Andrea Jones, author of the marvelous Hook & Jill, informed me of a book that is meant to be Tinker Bell centered. However, for all of you who just went “awwww” be aware that the Tink in this book is reportedly a brazen drunk. (Barrie’s Tink may be bitchy, for lack of better word, but I don’t think she deserves to be a full-on drunken tart.) There’s no word on when and if this story will ever be released. I’ll keep you posted. The author is Martha O’Connor and the book is Tink. Please note that I am not slamming her with my comments. Just my knee-jerk reaction. It could very well be that she justifies her spins on Barrie. But I’m also a harsh critic as you’ve probably figured out by now if you’ve been following along with me. (The picture is not associated with the book!)

There’s also one that's been out for some time now, but I have not yet made mention of here until now. But since I’m on the subject… It's a re-telling, of sorts, of the Peter Pan story, Tigerheart, by Peter David. I’ve not read it myself, to be honest. Since it is a completely new re-working of the story and not meant to be an adventure in the direct timeline of Barrie’s world, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I’ve read mixed reviews, however. This also harkens back to this post of mine. But by that I don’t mean this is doing that exact idea of a “Novel Remake.” For in order to be what I describe, the character names and situations would not be changed, just the way in which it’s told.

Never After is another “re-telling” of the story is by Dan Elconin. From the description, this one deviates greatly from the original tale with zombies and penis jokes. Yes, you read that correctly. I do like that “The Island” isn’t quite what it’s touted as… that’s true of Barrie’s island, too, and a fact that I like to emphasize myself. You can read more about it here. Call me a purist even when it's a re-envisioning, but zombies and penis jokes? No thanks.

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