Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sigh-lar? Nope, still ticking!

Heroes: Redemption
is moving rather slowly, I think. I don’t mean boring, not at all. It just doesn’t have the slam-rush quality seen in previous chapters. Yes, it has its “whoa!” moments, too. But I’d say there's more “Ah.” than “A-ha!” about them. Moving slowly can be a good thing, so this isn’t a complaint. Just an observation. On the whole I’ve been enjoying this season. Nice moments for sure. And the characters who I’d been getting sick of are likable and engaging again. But I’m still “worried” about Hiro’s ability (or not) to change JUST one thing of the past. Although, we also don’t yet have all the facts there. And there certainly are a lot of questions regarding the new carnival characters. Very good in that aspect. For the origins of Heroes has its basis in making us delightedly confused.

So I’ve been thinking about how I would end this series. Not that I have any desire to see the show come to a close. But if it did… what would that entail? How would it be “wrapped up,” so to speak?

Here’s my idea. It’s not a “happy ending” by a long shot. But I think it would be a cool one. And also, well, open-ended. But not in the sense of “we might make more some day.” More like “we leave it to your imagination, dear viewers.” Okay, here’s my idea:

Sylar wins. As in…he kills all the “heroes” and takes each and every power available. Thus, he’s amassed phenomenal skills and abilities. He can bend the very nature of reality, so to speak. And the END-end… in a non-cheesy fashion he takes over the world. For he’s literally unstoppable and can force his will (either with Puppet Man power, thought inducing, etc.) onto anyone and anything. And the final line, “I. AM. GOD!” (Note: This line would be used, presented and delivered with utmost care… in the same way that the so-called ‘Nightmare Man’ saying “I can seeeeeee yoouuuu….” genuinely gave us the chills when it could have been utterly laughable.)

In the meantime, I’ll look forward to Monday nights.
Thanks, Tim Kring and everyone else involved.

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