Monday, November 23, 2009

Crow...You'll Feel Better

On my TiVo’s WishList is, you guessed it, Peter Pan.
Using it, I am able to check and see what programs have anything to do with Barrie’s eternal boy. Usually I just get a list with the movies that aren’t worth their salt.

But sometimes there’s a little gem like this program.

On an episode of Mork & Mindy, “Mork in Never-Never Land,” Mork visits his pen pal, Peter, in the mental hospital. Mork from Ork, of course, doesn’t get the concept of an asylum. His pen pal reveals himself as the real Peter Pan. It’s actually quite charming. He tells Mork you have to grow taller, but you don’t have to grow up. Peter tries to spread cheer and laughter among his fellow inmates. But he seems to have lost his sense of adventure, having put himself away because no one believes in him anymore. Mork believes, of course, and breaks Peter out to face the world – but more importantly, help Mindy out of the doldrums from not getting a much wanted scholarship. “Pan” tries to make Mindy crow. He says it will send away the bad feelings. Just let the little person inside out, and crow, be silly and refuse to not have fun. In the end, it works. The show also has the obligatory scene where this Peter Pan is actually flying at their window to say goodbye.

The exchange between Mork & Mindy rushing to the wndow:

Mindy: I don’t believe it! We’re on the second floor! He flew up here!
Mork: I know!
Mindy: Did you help him to do that?
Mork: Do you really want to know?
Mindy: (with a smile) No.
Mork: Me either.

All in all, a fun and meaningful use of Barrie’s character.
Dash a bit of Don Quixote into the mix…and enjoy.*

* What leapt to mind immediately as I typed that: this post. Interesting.

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