Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Neverland...(minus THE)

Once again, someone is imagining up a new version of the famed isle.
This time in a seven part mini series of comics from Zenescope Entertainment.
Their shtick: twisted versions of classic fairy tales.

It's called simply NEVERLAND. And, as per usual, there’s a “spin” on it.
It seems Peter Pan’s secret of immortality happens to be children themselves. Hence, why he kidnaps them to live forever. Only one child escaped…and that child became, yes, Hook. (Cross in this telling.) Pan is the bad guy here…
…and it’s dark, sexy, revamped and edgy. Of course.

If you’re interested in more, there’s an interview here.
Look for it in December.

My take? I'll leave it, thanks. Nothing against the effort. I've just had my fill of "dark, sexy, revamped and edgy" when it comes to classic stories.

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