Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Quite Write

Well, writing isn’t going as smoothly as I’d like…
For the record, I don't really believe in "Writer's Block." It's not that I'm blocked. I know plenty to get out on the page.

Part of the problem must be that I’m not in a flowing mode yet. I don’t mean the bits of story aren’t coming easily. Rather that I’m belaboring over crafting the ideal wording. The upshot is I’m pleased with what I’ve put to paper. But the downside… there isn’t much to love. So why don’t I just turn off the expectation and hammer it out into the perfect wording later? Well, I think I’m feeling guilty.

I do have a couple other projects on the burner. And I think I’ve boiled over on them faster than what’s brewing. Since I’m just not feeling the gumption to finish those tasks, I’m unable to freely compose with Thom (the character.)

Each of the to-be-completed tasks seems daunting… I can just see the snafus surrounding each one. Not pessimism. Realism, based on previous attempts. I suppose I just need to bite the bullet, buckle down and put my nose to the grindstone. (You know what? I never liked any of those expressions.)

One of the projects is that Query Letter for Midnight Chaser. Yes, STILL. Partly I simply put it away after being remotely satisfied with it… and also sick to death of it. I’d been hoping that I’d return to it with fresh vigor. Also, I had someone who’s extremely busy take a look at it for me. She offered, and I gratefully accepted her help. She did get back to me on it eventually, but I’d not been concerned with the amount of time. As I said, I’d put it aside on purpose. Well, I’ve tinkered with it given her suggestions, but I’m just back in the “not satisfied box.”

The other projects are related to Peter Pan’s NeverWorld, but they don’t involve any writing.

Back to the new book, perhaps I’m just not writing the “correct” bit to start the flow. So I’ve also tried picking up various sections of the tale. The result is a couple of finely crafted half-scenes. I also think Thom hasn’t told me everything. Oh, I know for certain that he didn’t, as characters like to spring bits of their story at you when you’re well into writing it. But here I mean that although I know the storyline, I might be missing a thread. C’mon, Thom… Oh wait… or rather you are waiting. For me.

I better get cracking, eh? (Another idiom for setting to work of which I am not fond.)

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