Friday, October 3, 2008

Pondering About Pan

A question occurred to me.
One would think with my level of obsession, I'd have an answer.
But I don't. (At least not at the moment.)

So I pose it to you: What would happen if Peter Pan got a haircut?
Would it grow back?


Danielle Mari said...

Do his fingernails grow?

Moira Lewelyn said...

Aaaaaand she is back!
Yeah I've been home for a week, no real time to post proper comments here, so I shall do it now!
About Peter's hair, frankly I don't think anyone could catch him and give him a hair cut.
But seriously, if somehow it did happen, I think it would grow back. Unless he didn't want it to. Or maybe he'd pretend it grew back and it would be all the same for him!