Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Don't Know Zip"

You might recall from my last post that my feelings on Heroes: Villians had turned quite grim.

Of the people I know who watch, I met with divided reactions. Many of them said they enjoyed it and still had faith. Just as many sided with me. I dared to call them Zeroes.

Well, last night reminded me that a bunch of zeroes in the right place becomes increasingly desirable. I should have known they’d have a lot in the bank. And I confess, I am ready to invest. It is as if every bum hand they dealt turned over its next card and revealed BlackJack. A kind of symmetry amid the splattered mess. And the endearing touches returned…such as Peter Petrelli picking up the original painting of Claire in trouble.

So far I’m glad I didn’t just dismiss the show. But I’ve done so before with other programs and never regretted the decision. I had it in my mind that last night’s episode pretty much would make the decision for me.

See you next Monday.
Um…Hiro? Peter? Anyone with Time Travel? A little fast forward please?


Jen said...

I haven't watched tonight's episode yet, but I'm encouraged by your reaction. I had planned to keep watching, if only to see the results of Mohinder's completely predictable idiocy. But schadenfreude is a lousy reason to watch a TV series...that's what we have politics for.

Peter said...

Jen - I didn't realize you watched, too. Or I didn't remember? Has anyone seen the Haitian? Sounds like you were on the fence, I hope this pushes you on to a side, like the earth painting.

Danielle Mari said...

Watch it, Jen! Watch it! So we can REALLY talk about it.