Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little from My Wrtiting World

Over the weekend two sparks for novels struck me.
But - I can only remember one.
But the other, I know, is tucked safely away in pixels on my Magic Box.
Thank goodness I write ideas down.
However, they’re going to be put on the backburner for now, as there is already too much on my stove.
I must finish the novel I am working on…as I am not about to abandon yet another character for a louder one. This has happened. Jeremy Strache could not be silenced and the main character of another series of mine had to be put on hold. I’d been about halfway through the second novel in the series, too. Fortunately these kernels for books do not have any specific characters formed yet.
Once I complete this current book, I believe I shall return to the aformentioned series and have a go at book three. (There are four novels.) Not to mention another book I put on hold for an entirely different reason. I miss those kids! But I’ll get back to them. They’ll stay on hiatus, for it's one of the books that behooves me to write chronologically and I can’t do that for again for a little while! Three chrono-books in a row is too much!

At least I know I am in good company. I spent a little bit of the weekend looking into Neil Gaiman regarding The Graveyard Book. It seems he wrote chapter four first. So I'm not insane for writing out of sequence. Plus, he had been sitting on the idea for a couple of decades or so. He said he had to let it grow, and that he did not feel his writing skills hitherto allowed him to write it properly.

Usually my desktop picture is a scene or picture of one or more of my characters, either in drawing or photograph form. It helps to see them [metaphorically] greeting you, beckoning you to write more or being pleased that you committed some of their adventure to paper.
But right now, my desktop features the illustrations of Dave McKean. He’s the artist whose work graces the pages of The Graveyard Book. Yes, that’s how much I want to keep reminding myself of Gaiman’s masterpiece.

If you’re not familiar with how I have photographs of fictional characters, I talk about that here.

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Danielle Mari said...

I stand completely in awe of the massive FIRE that fuels your creativity! I'm lucky to be able to form a new sentence each day, let alone to think of novels.