Thursday, October 30, 2008

By the time you read this...

I will have already traveled to my college Homecoming.

I'm actually not very big on such events. But this year marks a couple of exceptions.

First, it's my 15 year reunion from college. You know that ol', has it really been?

Well, it has. So it seemed like a good time to actually "come home."

Also, I will be participating in the Faculty/Alumni Book Signing.

My first book signing! Granted, it's not exactly a "proper" one, but I'm quite pleased. Especially since Peter Pan's NeverWorld grew out of my college Honors Project. I like to think that if it were not for the opportunities given me at Knox College, I wouldn't have the books to be signed.

So please excuse my absence for the time being. For I will be haunting my Alma Mater through Sunday, November 2. It's very possible that I may chime in now and then. It's not like I won't have access to a computer. I'll be staying with my buddy Laughter, a Theatre professor at Knox (also an Alum). So, until Sunday... or sooner. Perhaps I'll feel the need to rave about the theatre production, Tartuffe. Or maybe I'll say how the book signing went...

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