Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Might Be Dead...But Yet It Lives

Heroes? Well, if last night’s episode aired last week, I would have canceled my subscription. Again character choices bothered me, entire clumps seemed hackneyed in the true sense (beyond the revitalized clichés they provided before) and it lacked the lure I’d come to rely on in other seasons. There had been episodes where I could not contain my enthusiasm, crammed with satisfaction over its well-made action and information and coolness packed into it. And then… I would realize most of the episode remained. Honestly. It would seem like a full episode in 5 or 10 minutes. Not so last night. Quite the opposite. Half the show had gone and I kept waiting for the good part. However, I will not be able to stop watching at this point. Even though I once again feel like they’ve strayed from the path, I’m too far along to quit. Now there are things I must know. I have to say I’m glad this Villains arc will only last for half the season. Perhaps with the new arc they can pull themselves back out of the dirt and be as feisty as Adam Monroe had been in the same situation. I’d hate to see it remain as plastic and badly formed as these action figures.

Also, it felt like I kept seeing it everywhere, so I picked up Neil Gaiman’s latest novel, The Graveyard Book. I’m enjoying it. Gaiman invites us into a story where a little boy is raised in a graveyard with ghosts and (it would seem) a zombie or vampire as companions and teachers. [Not sure about the zombie/vampire just yet…he’s toying with us on that one so far.] After the first chapter, I wondered where in the world he could go with this premise. Leave it to Gaiman… I’m in the midst of intrigue and adventure. As always, I’ll give a report when I’ve completed it.

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Danielle Mari said...

O Ye fickle fans! ;)

Sorry you're backing slowly away again. The Puppet Man completely freaks me out. And I have a sinking feeling they're considering killing Adam. What a shame that would be! I DO hope this spells the end for freaking Maya (Maia?), though. I'm so over her.