Monday, October 6, 2008

Obscurity Batch III

No offense to anyone living or dead who had any hand in these, but sometimes you just have to wonder...

"Oh dear!" cries the orange-clad boy in the foreground. "Somehow Captain Hook doesn't look so scary when he's drawn so cartoonishly in comparison with Peter Pan." He sighs. "But then what's going on there? Is that supposed to be a red-headed Mary Martin? And why would they draw attention to the fact that the 'little boy' is being portrayed by a full-grown woman? I mean, sure, it's theatrical tradition, but let's face it, this isn't the stage!" He eyes the crocodile, but deems him a shadow of what fierceness she should entail. With a final sigh, the boy in orange thinks, 'Well, at least they got the hook on the correct hand!'

The hook is in the correct hand, but they missed something.
Where is John?
Is Captain Hook's funky dance in joy because he captured John?

If so, why isn't he going after Pan now that Peter's vision is obscured by a fairy as big as his head and a silly grin on his face?

And why are Pan and company seen...walking?

Taking the "sylph-like" quality a bit too far, don't you think?

And perhaps a little more color for the mermaid tail to make it look less obscene?

The crocodile is odd...perhaps odd in a good way, as if it's some ancient saurian creature that never aged nor died out in waters of the Neverland?

Sure, Peter Pan could be considered a trickster.
But a full on Jester outfit?

Perhaps for this version the setting shifts from London to New Orleans...

Off to Never Not Mardi Gras Land...


Danielle Mari said...

And is it just me? Or in the second book does Tink look as though she's trapped in an electrified hamster ball?

Peter said...

And why is Tinker Bell missing on two of them? Really? No Tinker Bell on covers that include Peter?