Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Legend WILL Continue...

I just read that Nintendo is, in fact, working on another Legend of Zelda game to be released on the Wii.
May I say: HOSAH!

I'm damn excited. One can never get enough Zelda.

Perhaps you say, "Well, had it not been inevitable?" Probably, but not necessarily. For there is no guarantee that they would not have just rode the success of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and waited to present their latest installment on their next console entirely.

Then again, there is also no guarantee that they won't just do that anyway. LoZ: TP had been promised for Xmas, then Spring, late Summer, Fall, Xmas, Spring, late Summ...for about 3 years. I could be wrong on the exact amount of time. But I don't feel like looking it up. Because it is moot for it certainly felt longer. Eventually they delayed it so much that it appeared on the the next console, Wii. (A Gamecube version had also been released, but then, who wouldn't want the Wii controls with it?) Consider also that when the Gamecube itself had been just a "coming soon" they showed us the Zelda of our dreams...a rendered, more realistic looking adventure (shown on right). We expected one soon after launch.

And then....after DELAYS from hell, they presented Link looking like a Powerpuff Girl in The Wind Waker. (Don't get me wrong, The Wind Waker turned out to be a GREAT game and the cel-shading worked beautifully and fluidly to become a "living" cartoon. But after "promising" the 'real' one...)

So, let's hope that this time the delay is minimal or non-existent. And Jeepers! Just imagine swinging Link's sword with 1:1 motion control. (In Twilight Princess although it certainly "rocked" to be able to actually swing your sword, it made no difference which direction or how fast you did so. Link would go through the same cycle of motions.)

For those of you too young to remember what Zelda started as, take a look. Quite a difference from the Twilight Princess, no?
Okay... I'll shut up. But the promise of new Zelda is ALWAYS a good thing.

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