Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still MORE Serendipity!

As unbelievable as it might be, Serendipity conspired in my favor yet again.
This past Tuesday, Bart and I attended a reading of a musical in workshop, Whirlybirds. The composer is none other than Dragonfly's beau, Tall Boy. Sapho (a wonderful friend we met through Tall Boy) also attended. The five of us decided to go out for a little something afterward. We entered and exited two places on account of the kitchen being closed. So we trekked down some more blocks to someplace we knew would be open. We took our sweet time, discussing the show and socializing. When we left we were saying our goodbyes at the corner. A tap on my shoulder. I turned. Sunshine! Yes, as "chance" would have it, our friend Sunshine just happened to be waiting for the bus. This fact is more astounding than it sounds. First of all, Sunshine had been delayed at her own engagement and had another time-consuming snafu. So the timing oddly worked out...if we had stayed a little longer inside, a kitchen had not been closed or Sunshine’s travels ran would not have happened. The “corker” is that if we had not wound up seeing Sunshine then, we would not have seen her again. What I mean is: Sunshine and Doc Holiday have moved to Ohio. That night happened to be her last in Chicago. (Doc is already in Ohio. Sunshine had been staying with a mutual friend, finishing out teaching the school year.) What fun and luck to be able to say a "final" goodbye, especially since we could not attend her last hurrah at a bar on Sunday. (I did, however, get to spend time with her at her penultimate hurrah.) Eventually the bus arrived, whisking Sunshine of luck in the new home! And thank Great Spirit for the opportunity!
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Sunshine said...

Penultimate hurrah is my new favorite phrase....
And just for the record, my seredipidawdling was caused by the Johnny Depp movie being filmed on Fullerton Ave. They wouldn't let me cross the street for an inordinate amount of time! And then when they did, they STILL yelled at me for being in the background. Look for me angrily striding along with two coffeecakes in my hands.
I miss Chicago already! But it is neat to be back with the Doc (no comments about playing doctor!)

Peter Von Brown said...

Peter thought of everything. “Slightly,” he cried, “fetch a doctor.”

“Ay, ay,” said Slightly at once, and disappeared, scratching his head. But he knew Peter must be obeyed, and he returned in a moment, wearing John’s hat and looking solemn.

“Please, sir,” said Peter, going to him, “are you a doctor?”
The difference between him and the other boys at such a time was that they knew it was make-believe, while to him make-believe and true were exactly the same thing.

- "Peter & Wendy" Sir J. M. Barrie