Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Excited...

Well, as I said I would, I reconnected with the novel I'm currently writing. I love it when I forget what I had last done on the page. Because of my planned break from it, the last tidbits seemed new to me. It's nice when something you're supposed to know well can seem fresh. Once again it struck me how how great the story is shaping up to be. Since I consider writing to be a collaborative process, I'm just pleased that I still think so. All too often revisiting a work after being away from it for a time results in wondering what mental process could have allowed such words to appear. But this time I found myself delighted. Let's hope a momemtum starts again. I bet it will, once I begin the research of the characters' next location. I'd guess that I'm about halfway finished with the book. As of right now it's a stand alone novel. I don't have any indications or inclinations to create subsequent stories. That's refreshing in and of itself.

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